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Title Loans

What’s Needed From You?

  • Minnesota Title (car must be paid off)
  • Your vehicle, (you get to keep your vehicle!)
  • Proof of current Insurance
  • Spare key
  • Current utility Bill
  • 2 Paystubs
  • Credit or Debit card

Other Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Does my car need to be paid off?
A: Yes! your car must be paid in full to receive a Title Loan
Q: Do I get to keep my vehicle?
A: Yes! We do NOT take possession of your vehicle. It is simply used as collateral on the loan
Q: How long does the loan process take?
A: If you provide all of the necessary documentation, you’ll have cash within an hour.
Q:  How much is my car worth?
A: At the time of vehicle inspection, a King Kong Cash agent will advise on a loan amount
Q: How do I apply?
A: Either in person, or APPLY NOW (make a hyperlink to a page they can fill out which will email to the store owner)
Q: What are the loan terms?
A: Loans renew every 15 days

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